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Leatherwood Family
Rick and Laura Leatherwood

David and Vicki Leatherwood, serving in Rwanda and the DRC

     David and Vicki Leatherwood provide leadership to Kairos International. They are currently living and serving in Rwanda, East Africa, where they have lived since July 2018. David has been the president and CEO of Kairos International since January 2022.

     David and Vicki started the Kairos Africa program in 2018, where they sought to mobilize believers in Rwanda to share the love of Jesus with the nations.

Rick and Laura Leatherwood, serving in Central Asia

     Rick and Laura have been serving Jesus for over 35 years on mission fields all over the world.

     They were among the pioneers of mission efforts in Mongolia and are the founders of Kairos International. 

     They are thought-leaders and innovative implementers in literacy ministry and the orality movement, which are two of the most impactful and effective mission strategies in modern missions. They currently serve as directors of literacy and president emeritus of Kairos International.

Bright Family

Jordon and Leah Bright, serving in Rwanda and the DRC

     Jordon and Leah developed a love for the people of Rwanda and East Africa, after living in Rwanda 8 years ago.

     They are currently serving as the directors of Kairos Africa, where they are working to mobilize local believers to take the love of Jesus to the nations. God put this vision of mobilizing the Christians in Rwanda on their hearts long ago and now they are working to help make that vision a reality.


Our vision is for Kairos International to be a leader in near-neighbor evangelism, ministry, and mobilization.

About Kairos International

Kairos International is a worldwide ministry that creates oral Bibles, uses oral Bibles to reach the unreached, and trains ministry teams in the development and use of oral Bibles. 

Kairos International is currently working with teams in Ethiopia, Liberia, Iraq, Mongolia, and Central Asia.

Kairos International, Inc is a registered

501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

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