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More About Literacy

DAVAR Partners International estimated there are 4.35 billion people in the world who do not read. That's a staggering number of people.

     At Kairos International we use the methodology and curriculum developed by Literacy Evangelism International (LEI) to teach adults how to read and write. Using this methodology, we can effectively teach an adult how to read in less than four months! Additionally, it only takes 3 days to train a literate person to become a literacy teacher. In this way, we can effectively mobilize a missionary to the illiterate people groups of the world in a short amount of time.

     LEI's curriculum is easy to adapt to different languages. No matter which language we are teaching in, we will use the same 5-step process to teach reading and every lesson follows the same format. Lesson 1 has the same format as lesson 80. Play this video to see the 5 steps in action:

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